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We protect your data

Lolex protects your personal data

The following describes how Lolex collects and processes information about you when you communicate with us, purchase services from us or use our website.

Lolex exclusively sells advice and services to companies. Therefore, the focal point for the information we receive and process is first and foremost the company you represent. If you contact us as a private person, your information will be processed in the same way as if you contacted us from a company.

1. Data controller

Lolex is the data controller for the personal data we have received from you, e.g. via our website, emails or your telephone inquiry. See contact information for Lolex under point 9.

2. When does Lolex collect personal data?

When you write or call Lolex, you usually provide information about yourself that enables us to contact you again.

You typically contact us on behalf of your company to inquire about our advice, to place an order, communicate about an order, communicate about invoicing, book a place at our seminars, etc.

3. Which information is collected?

When you write or call Lolex, you usually provide information about yourself that enables us to contact you again.

Depending on the situation and the need, all or selected data from the list below is collected:
• Company name and address
• CVR no.
• Billing address (if this differs from the above)
• Phone number
• Invoice email
• Name of contact person
• Contact person’s email
• Telephone number for company and/or contact person

The information is stored and processed in accordance with the regulations in force at all times. Regnskabsloven (the Danish accounting act) sets requirements for the filing period for accounting annexes. Lolex’ general terms and conditions state the archiving period, which is determined based on a consideration of the need for documentation of the advice provided or service sold.

4. Cookies

Lolex uses cookies on the website. Please find our Cookie Policy here.

5. Purpose of the data collection

Lolex only collects the personal data that is necessary to carry out our advice for companies, to invoice companies and to market Lolex’ services to companies. Thus, your personal data only serves a practical communication purpose in the business relationship between your company and Lolex.

As regards job applications for Lolex, see point 7.

6. Your rights and deletion of data

You have the right to:

• gain insight into the personal data that Lolex has about you
• update your information at Lolex
• delete the personal data that Lolex may have about you, which must not be stored for a given period due to legal requirements
• withdraw any consent given regarding the use of your reference for marketing
• withdraw any given consent to the storage of the application for a given period

Inquiries about the above should be directed to Lolex, see contact information under point 9.

7. Job applications sent to Lolex

If you respond to a job advertisement for a position at Lolex and send your application with CV to Lolex’ email or to a designated external recruitment agency, the information will be treated confidentially and in accordance with the rules of the Personal Data Regulation. After the process has ended, your material will be deleted, unless you are employed or we agree together to store your information for an agreed limited period, after which it will be deleted.

If you apply unsolicited for a position at Lolex, you will receive a reply as soon as possible. After this, your information is either deleted or stored for an agreed limited period, after which it is deleted.

8. Data security

Your information is treated securely and confidentially. This implies that:

• PCs and IT networks are protected by firewalls
• all IT systems that process personal data are protected by anti-virus programs
• backups are made of all IT systems
• data processing agreements have been entered into with suppliers who process personal data on behalf of Lolex
• all data transmission and storage of data internally is encrypted
• workstations have a screensaver password, that access is based on user ID and a personal password, and that a check is made on rejected access attempts
• the employees of Lolex are only granted access to the data that is necessary for the performance of their jobs and tasks
• employees are contractually obliged to treat personal data with confidentiality

9. Contact information

All inquiries about our personal data policy or wishes according to point 6 should be directed to:

att. Lone Blanner Jul
Vesterballevej 5
DK-7000 Fredericia
Tel. +45 76 22 11 22 or by email:

If you wish to complain about Lolex’ processing of your personal data, please contact the relevant Danish data authority:
Borgergade 28, 5.
DK-1300 København
Tel. +45 33 19 32 00 or by email:

10. Changes of the Privacy Policy (Personal Data Policy)

There may be new external requirements for the processing of personal data, or Lolex may find it appropriate to update its policy for security reasons. In that event, the Privacy Policy (Personal Data Policy) will be updated, and the new version will be available on Lolex’ webpage.

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